Copperland's Seat Leasing.

Establishing your business shouldn’t be costly, we offer the best seat leasing option, customer supports and virtual assistance to start your operation in the heart of a fast developing area in British Virgin Island where most information and technology industries are towering, at a very affordable cost!

Copperland International Limited guarantees great leverage of our seat leasing option from 24/7 excellent IT support, stable back up servers, high speed broadband connection, to classy and spacious work stations at an economical price.

Top of the line seat leasing “space that you can embrace”.

Seat leasing in British Virgin Island is guaranteed to be one of the most efficient and affordable ways for starting up your business. Known as fast growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) country according to Thorlons 2015, British Virgin Island has become an established outsourcing hub in the whole Virgin Islans. Based in Tortola, British Virgin Island, we want to offer our clients (local or international) to broaden their enterprise with a very suitable workspace to operate in.

Building up a new workspace in the British Virgin Island shouldn’t be pricey , that is why Copperland International Limited opens up its seat leasing services to save clients from huge expenditure of putting up an office. Here, we are giving chances to call center operators, outsourcing, and business-to-business (B2B) companies by providing our well maintained and affordable call center seats.


Inclusion of package.

  • Fiber optic broadband connection
  • 24 hour IT support team and back up servers
  • Easy deployment
  • In house computer specialist
  • Security cameras
  • Fully air conditioned meeting rooms and pantry

Undisputed virtual Assistance Services.

Loosen up your work load and prevent exhausting tasks with the help of our virtual assistance service. We have highly efficient and qualified virtual assistants to keep everything organized.

As the best virtual assistance , we guarantee you with flexible staff that can work depending on client’s work schedule, produce best results with less supervision. Copperland International Limited virtual assistants specializes in specified domains like marketing, advertising, finance, accountancy, secretarial, proofreading, research, creative writing, and particularly anything that a personal assistant would do in his/her job.

One of a kind Email & Chat Support Services.

Our chat and e-mail support team will provide your customers ease of completing a transaction with your customers where ever they over the internet. Customers can come and go, browse and inquire and get their needs practically without extra costs on the part of the company. It is normally used to provide automated service to inquiries in the educational industry, sales and marketing departments and other online e-commercial stores.

With our chat support services, customers will get assistance from available chat and email supports. The customers will have to log on to a chat system access the chat support services of the company. Removing the human component in the chat system helps save cost and provides more productivity in handling customer service support through chat.

Email support teams can be utilized for complex and formal transactions and can provide 24/7 assistance to multiple queries of your customers.

Don’t hesitate and avail our services. Talk to one of our sales team and get further details of the services we offer.

Call us at : 09602056575



Jowan Israel. CEO at Goliath Building.

“I’ve been very happy with Copperland outsourcing . They are professional, attentive and reliable. I recommend them as a smart offshore solution.”


Vadimir Mukesha CEO at Phoenix Grade.

“I trust Copperland to find my company smart, competent and hard working employees. They professionally manage my team on a daily basis and provide world class service.”


Anton Carmelo. CEO at Anchor Amber.

“Copperland takes care of their clients well. If you are unhappy with a worker they will replace them immediately with another worker. Luckily we have not had to worry about this and the workers are generally on top of their game.”


Erlantz Antero. CEO at Vault Main Inc.

“I have been leasing around 20 staff with e treasure for over 2 years now. They handle most of my projects in dating sites and social site marketing. The management people are top notch and reliable. I highly recommend them to on line entrepreneurs out there!”

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