Automated Doors.

We install different types of secured doors from fingerprint recognition that can be used in special rooms , infrared detection doors to badge controlled doors that will give you ease and comfort and still being stylish with over 10 designs to choose from. On to of these features, your main control rooms will be equipped with our software that will allow you to regulate your doors in denying of entry on specific individual and controls the hours of operations of the doors. Imagine the efficiency and the cost reduction our system will provide to your business.


Eye Recognition.

Employees will have to be registered in the database and once an individual has been enrolled into the system, the user is given access to the door.


Finger Print Recognition.

Our finger print door locks are capable of storing up to 1000 fingerprints and can also be unlocked by mechanical key or key code. It also has deadbolt lock for double security, so you know you are more than safe with this lock.


Human Detection Doors.

Our automatic doors can detect traffic moving both towards and away from your industrial door. It has the ability of disregarding pedestrians and only detect large masses.


Badge Controlled.

Our badge controlled doors can greatly provide regulation and limitations on the places inside the office your employees can access.

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