Space that you can embrace.

Seat leasing in British Virgin Island is guaranteed to be one of the most efficient and affordable ways for starting up your business.

Known as fast growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) country according to Thorlons 2015 survey.


Our Company, our selves.

The primary purpose of this corporation is to provide business process outsourcing sector management support for international customer such as but not limited to payroll, human resources function, call center and administration process and the like.

We guarantee your security.

Worried about the security of your establishment and you pay a lot on expensive surveillance personnels to watch over it?

Worry no more because our state of the art security cameras will take care of everything for you. It has unique features like face and vehicle recognition that will give you optimal supervision over your facilities.


Who we really are.

Copperland Internatinoal Limited is a leading software developer company that revolutionized services by implementing automation , security and providing work spaces for clients. As company grows, it requires more labor and resources to run. With the help of Copperland, we would like to double your profit by utilizing our state of the art softwares, services and facilities that will allow you to easily secure your facilities with less manpower, provide seamless assistance to your clients, ease when providing customer care with virtual assistance and remote office spaces for strategically managing your business.

Want to be a part of our team?

Are you excited to work in a fast growing and employee centered company with favorable salary? A company where you can be yourself, enjoy clean and new facilities with the mindset of having fun while working? Join our expanding company and be the asset of Copperland. We offer range of careers from customer support, application developer to field technicians that will be the heart and soul of our business.

Dynamic and cost friendly.

We install different types of secured doors from fingerprint recognition that can be used in special rooms , infrared detection doors to badge controlled doors that will give you ease and comfort and still being stylish with over 10 deigns to choose from. On to of these features, your main control rooms will be equipped with our software that will allow you to regulate your doors in denying of entry on specific individual and controls the hours of operations of the doors. Imagine the efficiency and the cost reduction our system will provide to your business.


Control is power.

Imagine the benefits you get if you have full control on your electrical appliances with the tip of your fingers.You save time , effort and guess what more? Money!

Yes you will save substantially because our technology will help you switch off and on your electrical supplies where ever you are, when ever you want.



Bohdan Aronne. CEO at Mighty Schools.

"Excellent service & products"

"It was easy to navigate through the website. I got help in a very timely manner. The fix for my situation was given by a very knowledgeable individual.. The service was installed exactly when it was promised and it worked perfectly. It was a true pleasure doing business with a professional company."


Sebastian Haven. CEO at Development Inc.

"Life Saver!"

"I urgently need to have our older CCTV system for our concert halls replaced and decided to call different companies. When I called Copperland International Limited, they knew exactly what I was looking for. They analyzed my needs and offered the right solution. The cameras they sold us are top notch.The difference in clarity and color is astounding. They gave us a good price, installed it right away, and provided us assistance on how to operate it. These guys are the real life saver."


Stas Emanuel. CEO at Tech Buzz.

"Value for money"

"The product and service are economical and perfect for small companies that are just starting up."


Alte Sven. CEO at Build Dream Inc.

"Definitely a service like no other"

"I worked 15 years in the military and was involved in my share of CCTV surveillance applications and monitoring. Without question, the guys at Copperland International Limited are as technically qualified at setting up CCTV systems and interoperability over the Internet as anyone I used to work with. The 16 camera residential system I have, would rival any government installation for video quality. I highly recommend the guys at Copperland International Limited for their after sales technical support which is so important in todays systems."

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